Great Plains Daily Devotional for 10/27/2019

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Lincoln St Mark's UMC
Blue River District
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Today's Lectionary Text

2 Timothy 3:16 

All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,

Today's Devotional

I commute to work each day with a drive time of about 35-40 each way. During that time, I listen to several podcasts on various subjects. I like quiz shows, strange history, pop culture and some religious-based podcasts, too.

One of my favorite podcasts lately is called "The Bible Binge.” In it, the hosts do seasons on different figures of the Bible using Scripture, but they treat it in a way that’s less “churchy” and, in my opinion, more relatable. They take those figures in the Bible who might seem like faded long ago relics and bring them to life.

Maybe it’s because they cast the figures with today’s movie and TV stars and talk about them in an engaging way, but it makes me think about those stories and Scriptures differently. Not every podcast episode is life changing, but it almost always challenges the way I think about the text.

At the end of every episode there is a “gentle rebuke” where a Bible scholar reviews the episode and offers more context, or a gentle correction to something the hosts may have said that was incorrect or needed more explaining. I have learned so much about notable figures of the Bible such as David, Moses, and those shady ladies of the bible over the last year.

I know it helps me to hear these familiar and sometimes unfamiliar stories in a new light. I hear different perspectives and having a Bible scholar highlight different parts of the texts is helpful for these scriptures to come to life and be more meaningful to me in my daily meditations.

How do you find ways to keep the Scriptures fresh and meaningful in your daily life?
-Lisa Soukup
Communications administrative assistant

Prayer for Reflection

Lord, help us to use your scripture to guide our daily lives. Help us find new ways to delve into your word and keep it close to our hearts.

Did you know the conference has podcasts available?  Check out our three new podcasts: Potluck Podcast, In Layman's terms and Harvesting the Great Plains. 


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