Great Plains Daily Devotional for 12/13/2019

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Today's Lectionary Text

Throughout Advent, we will read the book of Luke together.  You are invited to pause for a few minutes, quite your soul and read contemplatively Luke 13.  

Today's Devotional

After reading the entire chapter, pause and read the highlighted verses below for further reflection.
Today‘s focus is on verses Luke 13:18-21
Then Jesus asked, “What is the kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to? It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds perched in its branches.” Again he asked, “What shall I compare the kingdom of God to? It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.”
  1. In Luke’s story, Jesus had just finished healing a woman on the Sabbath.  Then, he begins 3 parables about the kingdom of God. The small mustard seed is a parable of the kingdom’s beginnings. Small beginnings and big results.  When have you seen a small glimpse of hope or peace this week? 
  2. In Advent we proclaim that the kingdom of God is already here and not yet here.  The kingdom of God was inaugurated when Christ came, and Christ will come again. What about these words from Jesus help us understand about the kingdom of God?
On social media — either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram —share an image and/or your reflections on today’s chapter. Please share only images that you have taken or for which you own the rights.  Be sure to include the hashtags #GPUMCAdvent and #Luke13 as we reflect together in community.


Prayer for Reflection

O God, in this Advent season, guide us to see your seeds of hope, peace, joy and love around us.  Help us be a part of bringing in your kingdom on earth and as it in heaven. Amen.  


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