Great Plains Daily Devotional for 12/30/2019

Today please be in prayer for

Children's Mercy Hospital
Kansas City District
University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City District
Director of Admissions
Duke Divinity School
Kansas City District
Phillips Theological Seminary
Kansas City District

Today's Lectionary Text

Romans 12:2 

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Today's Devotional

It was beautiful at the lake this morning. It was so quiet that I could hear every fish that breached the surface.

I was reminded of a story that was proved to me to have the wrong conclusion. Maybe you remember the story. An old curmudgeon wanted to dampen the enthusiasm of a younger person. The older man had a five-gallon bucket of water and instructed the boy to stick his fist in the water and then remove it. "Now," said the old man, "look at the hole you left in the water. That is exactly how much you will be able to influence the world."

That is simply wrong. This morning, I noticed that every time a fish turned over in the water, ripples went out from the event. They changed the wave patterns of the entire lake. Soon after the event, the ripples were no longer visible, but they had changed the entire lake. The old man in the story had a wrong measure for influence. It is not the hole we fail to leave in the water that matters. It is the waves we create while we are there. Each one of us changes the pattern of our "lake" every day in every life we touch. We make a difference; we have an impact and an influence.

Make good waves in the lives of others today! Have a blessed day.

-Pastor Jada Hodgson
Plum Creek UMC


Prayer for Reflection

Gracious God, thank you for giving your children the ability to change the world. We impact the world in ways we cannot imagine. Help us, we pray, to make positive ripples in the world, in Jesus’ name and for his sake. Amen.


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