Great Plains Daily Devotional for 1/19/2020

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Today's Lectionary Text

John 1:40-42 

Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one of the two who heard what John had said and who had followed Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah” (that is, the Christ). And he brought him to Jesus.

Jesus looked at him and said, “You are Simon son of John. You will be called Cephas” (which, when translated, is Peter).

Today's Devotional

Have you ever doubted you had made any difference in the world? Remember the recent devotional story of the curmudgeon who wanted to dampen the enthusiasm of his friend? He asked his young friend to stick his fist in a bucket of water and observe the hole left when he removed it. “Your impact on the world will be as great as the size of the hole you left in the water.” As the ripples caused by a fish spread across a quiet lake, I realized the old man was wrong in his measure. The fish did not leave a hole in the lake, but the ripples of the action changed the flow of the entire lake.
Looking at John’s gospel, we might wonder how big a hole Andrew left in his bucket. What did Andrew do? He brought his brother, Peter, to meet Jesus. Andrew did not have to save Peter, or even convince Peter to follow Jesus. All Andrew had to do was bring his brother to meet Jesus. Jesus handled the rest. The ripple of Andrew meeting Jesus was that Peter met and chose to follow Jesus. Peter’s having met Jesus would one day result in a sermon where 3,000 men met and chose to follow Jesus. Is the size of Andrew’s impact on the world the size of the hole he left when he quit fishing or the ripples he created when he brought Peter to meet Jesus? I gotta go with ripples.

The ripples you create in your local ministry setting cannot be measured today. I challenge you to continue to plunge your fist into the water with Jesus and watch the ripples. I believe one day when we get to stand with God, God will show us all of the ripples we have created. We will offer those ripples to God; lives touched and hearts changed. We will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servants. Enter into the joy of your Father.”

-Jada D.L. Hodgson
CLM serving at Plum Creek UMC

Prayer for Reflection

Loving God, please take our ripples and use them to change the world in accordance with your great plan. We dedicate ourselves to you anew. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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