Great Plains Daily Devotional for 10/25/2020

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Pat McReynolds
Dennis UMC
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Parsons District
Terry Hatfield
Elk City UMC
Havana UMC
Parsons District
Dena Allison
Elk Falls UMC
Grenola UMC
Longton UMC
Moline UMC
Parsons District
Shella Choi
Erie Federated Church
Galesburg UMC
St. Paul, KS UMC
Parsons District

Today's Lectionary Text

Psalm 16

Keep me safe, my God,
    for in you I take refuge.

I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;
    apart from you I have no good thing.”
I say of the holy people who are in the land,
    “They are the noble ones in whom is all my delight.”
Those who run after other gods will suffer more and more.
    I will not pour out libations of blood to such gods
    or take up their names on my lips.

Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;
    you make my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
    surely I have a delightful inheritance.
I will praise the Lord, who counsels me;
    even at night my heart instructs me.
I keep my eyes always on the Lord.
    With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices;
    my body also will rest secure,
because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead,
    nor will you let your faithful one see decay.
You make known to me the path of life;
    you will fill me with joy in your presence,
    with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

Today's Devotional

I have so enjoyed being a grandmother. It is one of the most life-affirming experiences of my faith journey. That being said, my grandsons have challenged some of the most revered principles that guide my life. For example, I promise, the sky will not fall in if your bed does not get made every morning. I am not kidding! I tried it and it works. Another challenge had to do with “bundling up.” It goes like this: You do not have to “bundle up” to walk the 50 yards from the car to the school building. Honest, it’s OK. Neither child has had pneumonia in the past five years. Several other of my life rules, taught to me by my mother, have been challenged by my grandsons.
The most challenging ideal they represent is their outlook on life that is so different from mine. They have taught me how to live in the virtual world without losing my identity. They have also demonstrated that it is so important to live life as your true self, not the ideals of someone else. Fancy clothes and fancy cars do not make you happy, good friends do.
At the dinner table the other night, I apologized to my grandson for all he lost out on because, we as a family, self-isolated due to exposure to a neighbor who turned up positive for COVID-19. We all remained healthy, but it was a long two weeks especially for him. No soccer, no contact with friends, classes all virtual, no marching band and no show choir. His response: “I prefer to think about what I do have instead of what I have missed.” Pretty classy coming from a 16-year-old young man.
Yes, I am grateful for all the Loving God has brought into my life. I give thanks every day for my wonderful journey. “Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure, because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead, nor will you let your faithful[b] one see decay.” I love Psalm 16 and read it often as it reflects the love I am surrounded by and the Lord that walks with me daily.
--Mary Feit
New Visions UMC, Lincoln
Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries


Prayer for Reflection

Fantastic God, help me to remember, even during the tough times, that you are with me, no matter what. We need guidance to heal this world that is falling apart in front of our eyes.


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