Great Plains Daily Devotional for 4/10/2021

Today please be in prayer for

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Topeka District
Great Plains Clergy Excellence Recruitment
Topeka District
Great Plains Clergy Excellence Registrar
Topeka District
Great Plains Clergy Excellence Assistant to Clergy Recruitment and Registrar
Topeka District

Today's Lectionary Text

While the stars still shone in the heavens,

before the first crack of dawn,

birds could be heard singing in the cemetery

chirping their gratitude for another day.

Small animals scurried about

looking for breakfast in the shrubs of the garden.


Doing what they were fashioned to do,

involved in the work of God

the energy of all of creation blessed the women

who were carrying the burial spices

and planning to prepare the

body of Jesus in the proper Jewish way.


By the time they reached the tomb and found

the rock rolled away, did the

landscape of nature in the garden graveyard

soften and awaken the hearts of women

that were dulled to possibilities

and feeling numb, devoid of joy, love, and hope?


Did connecting with God’s creation

help these truly devoted

ones make sense of Jesus’ missing body and the

two angels, bodies of brilliant light shining in

the darkness, standing at the

head and foot of where the body once had laid?


Can you imagine the singing of

the birds silencing in

reverence as the angel speaks and then reaching

a crescendo after the angels relay

the message, “Jesus is not here but raised up!”


In awe, the women left and before

they could talk themselves out of it

became apostles to the eleven remaining.

Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother

of James, and the other women.


We owe so much to these for trusting in what

they saw and being courageous enough to

share the news of the Holy Resurrection! *


Today's Devotional

Most of us cannot imagine experiencing an event as horrible as the crucifixion. Yet even for lesser experiences, without the filling of the Holy Spirit they can be labeled as hindrances. The resurrection teaches us that even in head shaking moments, when we are completely perplexed as to how anything good could come out this. God can work good for all of creation.

When we seek the positive even in difficult situations, life can seem less confusing. On Good Friday, who would have guessed that Jesus would have spent more time with his closest friends once again and that people are healed in the name of Jesus Christ even now.

If you’re like many of us, winter’s last binge seemed almost too much to bear. Gradually the world is being transformed and we see one glorious flower after another showing off their brilliant colors, and trees erupting into fragrant blooms. It’s like they are saying, “Here I am! It’s my time to shine and awaken spirits to God’s love!”

Springtime reflects the post-resurrection time of Christ: the luxurious feel of green grass on sensitive bare feet, children’s squeals of delight while chasing one another, and squirrels playfully pursuing one another up and down tree trunks.

The resurrection is central to our faith and God’s intentions for order and beauty in our world seem more evident this time of year than any other. When spending any time in creation, goodness is demonstrated!

May we live into the Paschal Mystery of dying and rising, and death and new life as Christ leaves an impression upon our faith and lives.

-Rev. Marta Wheeler
Omaha: St. Paul Benson

*in appreciation to the Lectio Divina prayer group, whose contributions helped form the poem.



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