Great Plains Daily Devotional for 7/3/2021

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Today's Lectionary Text

Wandering the Path of Life

Their eyes wander in fascination
with whatever is attention grabbing
rather than staying focused on important
landmarks that could be helpful
in finding their way back home.

When desiring a new adventure
and tiring of the advice of others
they avoid plugging into the boring and
predictable GPS.
Apologies to Ms. Siri.

Once she ran across a nursery
of three cute racoons and a child ten years old.
Immediately she felt more at home and
better about moving to a small
town in the center of the state.

There was the time his legs were itching to walk
when in an Alpine village so he took off.
For once he carefully took note of all
the landmarks and didn’t miss the bus
that would return them to the airport.

Still, had anyone bothered to share that
those streets paved with bricks are in
circular patterns, like walking of labyrinths?
Yet the town’s tower calling faithful to prayer
drew him to exactly where he needed to be.

Today's Devotional

Following the guidance of the sun overhead, the moon in the sky, or the Church’s Bell Tower, are much more satisfying than hearing anyone barking out directions when we’d rather follow our inner compass. It feels as though there are too many people eager to tell everyone else where to go. Perhaps by simply giving people the space to trust in the way that leads to life, they’ll figure out the way.

Undoubtedly, computer technology has made wandering a lost art. Yet the Bible stories feature many wanderers who find their way in the process. Abraham and Sara, Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, Elijah, and Jesus are but a few. When we allow ourselves to wander, we learn lessons and access creativity that we wouldn’t have otherwise known.

Certainly, prayer practices feature times of wandering. Sometimes we physically wander towards an image that draws us toward it. We may capture a photo, just sit and gaze at the image for a while or write a simple haiku.

Wandering may involve sitting quietly while focusing on God’s love. Naturally, our minds wander, and we become aware of where we are in relationship to our God.
What is competing with the Holy in our lives?
What is our truest desire?
What are we grateful for?
What are we hanging onto that could be released?

Importantly, when we are intentional about reflection and spending time with God in prayer, we become connected with our inner compass. We know that when we follow the path of love, we are headed in the right direction. Will we choose time in quietude in order to listen, trust, and believe so that we will understand the true treasure that is held in our souls?

-Rev. Marta Wheeler
Omaha St. Paul Benson


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