Great Plains Daily Devotional for 7/31/2021

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Today's Lectionary Text

Psalm 51:10-14

Create a clean heart for me, God;
    put a new, faithful spirit deep inside me!
Please don’t throw me out of your presence;
    please don’t take your holy spirit away from me.
Return the joy of your salvation to me
    and sustain me with a willing spirit.
Then I will teach wrongdoers your ways,
    and sinners will come back to you.

Deliver me from violence, God, God of my salvation,
    so that my tongue can sing of your righteousness.

Today's Devotional

A lesson everyone in customer service learns is mistakes will happen, but how you respond after a mistake can make all the difference. Our lives are the same way. No matter how hard we try, we both do things we shouldn't or don't do something we should. Since we can't avoid falling short, we need to know how to respond when we make mistakes. How we react after we sin says a lot about who we are.
Psalm 51 references David's sinful behavior with Bathsheba and Uriah. After realizing his adultery and murder were sinful, David first cries out to God, seeking repentance, not only to be forgiven but to realign his heart with God. But he doesn't stop there. David says if God forgives him, it will affect more than his life. He will teach others about God so they may also be in relationship with God.
God can work in our lives in the same way. When we sin, we are called to seek forgiveness and repentance. We don't have to question whether God will forgive us. We know God's grace is always ready to love and forgive. But when we seek to realign our hearts and minds with God's vision, it has the power to transform more than us. As God forgives us, we can tell others our story about God's love and grace.
No one working in customer service sets out to make mistakes. Those who excel at service know when an error happens, there is an opportunity to not only correct the mistake but transform the customer's experience when you respond and make it right. A customer who may have posted a scathing review online may instead rave about how well they were cared for after something initially didn't go right.
We each strive to live a life free from sin, but we also know it will happen. But as our God so often does, God can take something unwanted and use it to transform us and the world.
--Michael Turner
Pastor, Osage City and Reading, KS

Prayer for Reflection

Loving God, try as we might; we can never avoid having sin enter our life. When it does, please help us to remember to confess and seek your forgiveness. As you forgive us, let us then use our transformed hearts and mind to share your story with those around us. Amen.


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