Great Plains Daily Devotional for 10/19/2021

Today please be in prayer for

Omaha Living Faith UMC
Missouri River District
Omaha Living Faith UMC
Missouri River District
Omaha Living Hope Mission Congregation
Missouri River District
Omaha Maplewood UMC
Missouri River District

Today's Lectionary Text

Job 42:1-6, 10-17

Job answered the Lord:

I know you can do anything;
    no plan of yours can be opposed successfully.
You said, “Who is this darkening counsel without knowledge?”
    I have indeed spoken about things I didn’t understand,
    wonders beyond my comprehension.
You said, “Listen and I will speak;
    I will question you and you will inform me.”
My ears had heard about you,
    but now my eyes have seen you.
Therefore, I relent and find comfort
    on dust and ashes.

Today's Devotional

How many of us as a child remember hearing Bible stories? As a youth we heard how God was always with us, how He would always remain with us in all aspects of our lives. Somewhere along the way, we began reading the Bible for ourselves. I remember my imagination running wild with the stories. David killing a giant with a rock. Daniel and the lion’s den. Raining for 40 days and nights. Jonah and the big fish (whale in the stories I heard). I remember being wowed by these and so many other stories. I thought those individuals were lucky to having accomplished their task and making it out alive.

Through these stories I was introduced to God’s grace, and the stories became a part of my life. There have been so many giants before me -- barriers, hurdles, stop signs, disappointment, hurt, anger, death, great losses -- which I could only defeat the turmoil within with God’s grace. I have stood on the edge of great holes that were filled with hungry lions ready to eat me alive and try to crush my soul. For by the grace of God I walked away stronger. The experience of being pounded by the pouring rain for much longer than 40 days and nights – I just wanted the rain to wash me away, instead, it washed me clean and restored my faith. In my attempts to be the disciple I’ve been called to be, at times my efforts leave me smelling like the big fish that Jonah encountered.

God’s grace turned these stories into hope for me. Those stories continue to provide hope for me – and for all of us. Life today is filled with experiences that cause us to wonder how we will survive. May these stories be a story of God’s grace for each of us.

--Rev. Hollie Tapley,
disaster response coordinator

Prayer for Reflection

Thank you Father, for the mighty gift of grace that turns stories into our life lessons. Thank You for sustaining us in the moments when the stories is all we think we have. Amen.


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