Great Plains Daily Devotional for 1/4/2022

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I love Christmas. And the season after it, when the Wise Ones travel to find the infant Jesus and his family and then choose to return home by another way. I also like the season after that one, where we get to hear stories about Jesus growing up and finding his way through life and ministry. Perhaps I like all the seasons of the church year?

I do worry about us a bit, though, in the season after Christmas, because I am pretty sure no matter how mellow the weather was in the first part of December, at some point, it will be cold and windy, and I will have snow rage. This is a predictable part of winter on the Great Plains. Do you know what else is predictable?

A season ago, when I was letting my mind wander over thoughts and dreams for Saint Paul this season, I found myself thinking how this season of the church year extends the stories of people and wisdom from the Christmas season into our own lives and helps us to find our way through winter.

The wise owl that you see in our print materials first signaled the wisdom of the Prophets and John the Baptist, calling to us to be ready for the arrival of the Christ Child. Now we enter a season where we greet the Holy Family, Shepherds, and Wise Men and draw from their wisdom as we rely on our stored energy and look towards Spring.

We are a people with a tradition of many types of wisdom: scripture, prayer, song, and gathering. As we move forward in this next season, may we channel the wisdom of our faith with thanksgiving and hope.
-Rev. Stephanie Ahlschwede
St. Paul Benson Omaha



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