Great Plains Daily Devotional for 2/2/2022

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Lincoln Christ & ConnectioN Point
Blue River District
Lincoln First UMC
Blue River District
Lincoln First UMC
Blue River District
Lincoln Havelock UMC
Blue River District

Today's Lectionary Text

Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.

Today's Devotional

I have so many favorite verses from the Bible and have been teased often for saying “oh this is one of my most favorite Scriptures!” Well, it’s true! Praying the Bible is edifying for us, the body of Christ. Singing our praises to our God pleases God, and also lifts our hearts and spirits. Thinking deeply about Scripture can be life-changing, and I encourage you to take time, make time, and enjoy time each and every day. 

Sometimes it is very difficult to just BE. I seem to want to do something all the time and when we are doing, it’s hard to just be. My mind races with all the wonderful opportunities life offers and I wake up each morning ready to tackle the tasks, privileges, events, or fun things ahead of me. Just BE? Scripture specifically tells us to be, and to be still.

STILL is a word almost beyond my comprehension unless we’re talking about lack of wind in Nebraska so I can ride my Harley. Stillness of self to really take time to think is a gift that we must learn to give ourselves. It takes time to be, and it takes time to be still.

My husband and kids would tell you that I think I KNOW a lot. I would tell you that I am a jack of many trades, but master of none. I am a lifelong learner and every single day I learn new things and discover more than I ever expected. One of my greatest treasures is getting to know people, and I mean getting to know who they are by learning their backgrounds, their dreams, their fears. Knowing a person most certainly goes beyond saying hello to them in church on Sunday mornings!

KNOWING GOD is so much more than knowing Bible stories. Knowing God is more than hearing God’s Word and trying to be obedient. Knowing God is more than knowledge; it’s this relationship with God that flows through our hearts and minds and souls. I always want to know more about God, but I especially want to KNOW God personally more and better as I travel along on my faith journey that we call life here on earth. 

GOD IS GOD. I want to “be still” and I want to “know God.” 
-Pastor Sandy Webster
Eagle and Alvo, NE UMC's

Prayer for Reflection

Gracious and merciful God, stir in us a desire to know you more intimately, up close and personal. Teach us Your ways and lead us down paths that are pleasing to You. We give You all of our praise this day and every day. Come and fill us with Your Holy Spirit and be with us throughout this day. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen


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