Great Plains Daily Devotional for 2/10/2022

Today please be in prayer for

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Today's Lectionary Text

Jeremiah 17:5-10

The Lord proclaims:
Cursed are those who trust in mere humans,
    who depend on human strength
    and turn their hearts from the Lord.
They will be like a desert shrub
    that doesn’t know when relief comes.
They will live in the parched places of the wilderness,
    in a barren land where no one survives.
Happy are those who trust in the Lord,
    who rely on the Lord.
They will be like trees planted by the streams,
    whose roots reach down to the water.
They won’t fear drought when it comes;
    their leaves will remain green.
They won’t be stressed in the time of drought
    or fail to bear fruit.

The most cunning heart—
    it’s beyond help.
        Who can figure it out?
I, the Lord, probe the heart
    and discern hidden motives,
        to give everyone what they deserve,
        the consequences of their deeds.

Today's Devotional

How many of you caught the wording?  Hang in here with me and let me get out what the Holy Spirit has laid on my soul.  V. 7 reads, happy are those who trust, who rely on the Lord. V. 8 continues with these words, they will be like trees planted by the streams, whose roots reach down to the water.  Did you catch it this time?  The way this is worded gives me much hope because if the passage said they are like trees planted . . ., what pressure that would present!

To me, they will be gives me the assurance that my journey of faith is just that – a journey.  The words give me the confidence that this journey is active, a movement, and assure me that each new morning, God freely gives me His new mercies and grace.  They are sounds like I’m already as far as I can grow and be – that there is nothing new to learn, nothing new to try, nor to be.  It would be easy for me to say let someone else take the wheel, I’ve been there, saw it, done it, and have the t-shirt to prove it. 

My goal is to “get there”, to say I’m 100% planted by flowing streams, and that my roots are as deep as they can get.  We all desire that. I really believe, we want deep, rich roots that are ALWAYS receiving the best nourishment that they can. 

At the same time, I know that it is ok to live with the words they will be.  Those 3 words remind me of my journey, they remind me that at times my roots are dry, at times they are reaching out of the ground so the rain will fall on them, and yes, at times they are fully alive and growing. 

What stage are your roots in?
-Rev. Hollie Tapley
Disaster Response Coordinator

Prayer for Reflection

God, thank you that even in times where our roots are dry and struggling, in our abiding with You, we continue to grow. During those times when our roots are reaching up to You seeking nourishment, thank You that we continue to grow. When our roots are fully nourished, help us not to forget that it is You when are on this journey with. Amen.


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