Great Plains Daily Devotional for 3/12/2022

Today please be in prayer for

Haven UMC
Hutchinson District
Hesston UMC
Hutchinson District
Hillsboro UMC
Hutchinson District
Hutchinson First UMC
Hutchinson District

Prayer for Reflection

Dear God, thank you for Psalms that remind us that you are close to us no matter what is happening in life. Thank you for photographs that capture different emotions and scenes. Help us remember that you are close when we are feeling happy, sad, or afraid. Thank you for your goodness and faithful love. Amen.

Coloring Prayer

Warm up by drawing some doodles, squiggles, lines, circles, dots, etc. on a piece of blank paper.
When ready follow these directions:

Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat a few times. You may want to light a candle (or turn on a battery candle) as a visual reminder to be quiet and in prayer.

Write God or a favorite name for God (i.e. Gracious God, Loving God, Creator, etc) somewhere on the paper and doodle around the name.

Take turns sharing a prayer request or praise. Set a timer for about 3 minutes (you can adjust the amount of time depending on age or attention span).

Write down the praise/prayer either with words or a picture and then doodle around it while praying or praising God for the request.

Repeat step 3 as many times as desired.

When you are ready to end, write Amen or your favorite prayer closing somewhere on your paper.

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Praying with Photos

View the Photos: Handout and choose one to look at while you listen to Psalm 23. Wonder together.
  • I wonder what part of the Psalm you can relate with.
  • How does your image relate to the scripture? How do you see God in your image?
  • If you could choose a different image, what would it be?
  • What do you learn about yourself in this scripture?
  • What do you learn about God in this scripture?



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