Great Plains Daily Devotional for 4/5/2022

Today please be in prayer for

Lenexa: St. Paul's UMC
Kansas City District
Lenexa: St. Paul's UMC
Kansas City District
Lenexa: St. Paul's UMC
Kansas City District
Olathe: Aldersgate UMC
Kansas City District

My Sunday school class is currently studying with the book ‘Witness at the Cross’ by Amy-Jill Levine.  She is challenging us to look at the events of the Lenten Season in a different way.  She is asking us the question, “how would you have felt or reacted” during this time. 

Let’s look at the Crucifixion, were you a bystander or a scoffer?  Would you have sat back and let injustice be done to an innocent individual? Would you have shared rumors about the accused individuals? Would you have thrown items at the accused? Would you have yelled been, otherwise, very rude?  Remembering at that time and at times of our past, public punishments of crimes were a community event.  The leaders tried to humiliate and shame the accused as much as possible. Do we see that happening today?  What would or could you do to stop it?

This week we are talking about the other victims at the cross.  Family members that would be witnessing this event, the accused themselves, and the actual victims of the crimes, would Jesus have scoffed at these men?  Jesus loves all, he prayed with every person he was around or heard about their needs.  Jesus forgave.

We are reminded that we need to search out the facts, not accept rumors about other individuals.  Facebook is not always correct. Justice is an act that we must all strive to see happening in our world today.  With the issues of Russia and Ukraine, we are challenged to find justice in this atrocity. I don’t believe there is any. We must hold each individual involved in prayer with compassion and grace.

When reading the Gospels, you will find slightly different versions of this event.  But continue to read and think how this has affected those that were bystanders, those who chose not to participate, and those that encouraged the unjust sentence of blasphemy. We have seen this scene unfold on TV many times. The crowd just stood by and used their phones to video, instead of stopping the injustice.   We have a right to question our political leaders and spiritual leaders.  You must seek out the truth.   

We are the hand and feet and spirit of Christ on earth today, when you chose to accept Christ, you took on the responsibility of living out His words today.  We are the continuation of His loving spirit to each other through our faith and works in His name.   

I wish you all a very blessed Easter time.  Remember to stay involved, and fight injustice.

-Cathryn Harrison,
UMCM Advisory Board member


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