Great Plains Daily Devotional for 4/26/2022

Today please be in prayer for

Hastings First UMC
Prairie Rivers District
Christo Poder de dios
Hastings Grace UMC
Prairie Rivers District
Hastings Grace UMC
Prairie Rivers District
Inland UMC
Pauline UMC
Prairie Rivers District

Prayer for Reflection

Lord Help us understand things how to accomplish these goals without giving them up. Help us learn from those mistakes that we made sometimes. Amen

When I was a child 9 or 10, my dad went back to school to become an X-Ray tech. He had to learn a lot of anatomy and algebra for his career. Sometimes these classes were challenging and frustrating for him. There were times he wanted to drop out and give up, but he did not. There were many of the instructors he had who were very patient and helpful to him.

I look back at my college days and there were challenging moments for me. There was a time I dropped out for a while and finish my Associate's Degree from KCKCC and then go back to Emporia to finish my Bachelor's Degree.

There were some tough times I dealt with but learning from my father’s footsteps that I was going to earn my Bachelor's Degree, which I finally did. Professors helped me get through those tough times. There are times that our lives deal with frustrating challenges that can sometimes make us drop out of this world. With the help of Jesus that we can do better-accomplishing things.


-Andy Hall, ESU Alumni
Emporia State Campus Ministry


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