Great Plains Daily Devotional for 5/29/2022

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Prayer of confession

It is Memorial Weekend here in the U.S., God of peace and unity. Many are already planning their festivities and relaxation. Some, perhaps many, will spare a moment to remember those who died in service to their country. But for some, war and death is something that happens somewhere else in foreign lands to people who don’t look like us. Or it is something we read about in history if we bothered to do so. It doesn’t change how we live today, doesn’t shape our choices or our resources, and so this weekend is another chance to enjoy some time off.

But there are those who are impacted by war every day of their lives. There are those for whom the beloved dead are like open wounds in their souls. There are those who lament in languages we don’t speak with rituals we don’t understand and wipe tears from faces that are different from ours. Do we honor those dead this weekend? Do we weep with those who grieve today?

Can we hope for peace, in this divided and war-torn world, God of impossibilities? Can we mourn the dead and pledge to them we will work every day to overcome the barriers that divide, the fears that separate, the prejudices that diminish this world that you have given to us? Can we hope for an end to war and hate and offer ourselves – our bodies and communities and dreams and aspirations – to be the ground from which this peace and unity might begin? Can we remember well enough to work for change?

Christ, have mercy. Amen.

-- Derek Weber, May 2022


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