Great Plains Daily Devotional for 6/9/2022

Today please be in prayer for

Cozad United UMC
Gateway District
Bertrand First UMC
Elwood, NE First UMC
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Eustis UMC
Farnam UMC
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Franklin First UMC
Macon UMC
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Today's Lectionary Text

Proverbs 27:23

Know the state of your flocks,
    and put your heart into caring for your herds,

Today's Devotional

"How are you?" That is a phrase that gets thrown around like a leaf tossed in the wind. But our leaders need to know the real answer. Just how is the state of your team? If they have suffered a rupture of some kind, they likely will be focused on pain and suffering instead of value delivery. Our state of mind is easily distracted when pain of any kind is in our arena. The relief of the pain will not necessarily fix any rupture or problem. Addressing the problem is a totally different set of activities.
Think about stitches for a cut. The pain of the cut is just a reaction letting you know something needs fixed. But the stitches are to close the wound so that the skin and muscles may begin to heal with less threat of infection. Knowing the state of ourselves and our team means we must look for both the cause and the symptoms. As leaders, our pains might be affecting our outlook. They can also challenge our ability to see the ruptures and cuts that our team members have suffered. Value delivery might be at stake. Who might benefit by checking on their state of mind this week? Are you willing to put some focus on finding the leaks, the ruptures, or cuts? Your team might have pain that could begin to be mitigated if you can provide some stitches. No focus means there might not be any stitches.  What is the first thing that you can do about it this week?

As Christians, we have been washed and cleansed through Christ's suffering on the cross. But that does not exempt us from pain and suffering though. We are probably going to suffer from events during our lives but that does not mean we must do it alone. We read, "Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds,” Proverbs 27:23 NLT. What flock do you belong to? I am asking, what groups are you a part of? That is your flock. What is the state of your flock? I believe that we are being called to care for them through our hearts. Let us give them love, compassion, and support. But we can do more than just to give to the suffering. We can support finding the solutions to the causes of their pain. That is a deeper level of compassion that goes beyond just words. It goes into action, like the doctor stitches up the cut, the healing begins. Who on your team might be showing some symptoms? Where are you cut that has not been stitched? Who could you have created some cuts and you have not helped to provide some stitches? What is the first thing you can do about it in the next seven days?
-Mark Queen
Manhattan UMC

Prayer for Reflection

Let us pray, Heavenly Father, you know the state of us, your flock. We follow the Good Shepherd and as we do, we encounter the problems and pain of this world. Hold us firmly in your embrace when we are suffering in pain. But help us to keep the clarity of mind so that we might know the state of our brothers and sisters. Empower us to act with compassion from our hearts so to draw all the flock nearer to you. May our compassion be obvious, and our actions be a gift of love, not judgement. In Jesus’ name, we pray.


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