Great Plains Daily Devotional for 11/5/2022: Prayer practices -- remembering the saints

Today please be in prayer for

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Remembering the saints

United Methodist Churches generally recognize All Saints Sunday on first Sunday following All Saints Day. To mark this day with your family, follow these suggestions from United Methodist Discipleship Ministries:


Read the Beatitudes to children from the Common English Bible, the New Revised Standard Version Bible, or the Spark Story Bible. Emphasize that this is where Jesus offers us his expectations for his followers. Within them we see humility, sorrow, meekness, justice, mercy, and peace. God’s blessing will be on those who experience these. Take some time to help children think about the people in the church, in history, in the community, and in their families who are examples of these expectations of Jesus. Ponder some of these questions with children, and follow up with an activity.


  • I wonder how we might offer hope to the hopeless? • I wonder how we might offer gladness to the grieving?
  • I wonder how we might offer nourishment to the hungry? I wonder if nourishment can be more than food and drink?
  • I wonder how we might offer mercy to others?
  • I wonder who we know that is humble? How have we witnessed this?
  • I wonder who we know who has a pure heart? How do we witness this?
  • I wonder who we know that offers peace to others? How have we witnessed this?
  • I wonder who we know that stands up for what they believe, even when they are bullied by others?


  • Share stories about these saints.
  • Draw pictures of these saints.
  • Write a note of thankfulness to the saints who are still with us.
  • Light candles for the saints in our lives.


Read the Apostles’ Creed together. Point out the “communion of saints” in the Apostles’ Creed. Help children to see how they are counted in the communion of saints as children of God. Singing the hymn, We Are the Church (UMH #558) together will help children make the connection.

-- UMC Discipleship Ministries


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