Great Plains Daily Devotional for 11/6/2022: Luke 20:27-38

Today please be in prayer for

Central City UMC
Prairie Rivers District
Archer Zion UMC
Central City Fairview UMC
Prairie Rivers District
Chapman, NE UMC
Prairie Rivers District
Chester UMC
Hebron: First UMC
Prairie Rivers District

God of truth and light, we come to you from our daily lives that are full of scams and tricks seeking to gain our confidence and steal and betray. In many ways, it makes us wary of opportunities to show compassion. Jesus has reminded us to trust in you and in your truth that speaks not through phones or emails but directly to our hearts. As we give this morning as you have called us, may we do so with joy, not fear. We pray this in the name of Christ, who intercedes for us that we might know truth. Amen. (Luke 20:27-38)


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