Great Plains Daily Devotional for 11/12/2022: Faith practices -- prayer places, sacred spaces

Today please be in prayer for

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Red Cloud First UMC
Prairie Rivers District
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Prairie Rivers District
Genoa UMC
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Prairie Rivers District

Prayer places, sacred spaces

Set up a prayer room in your church, school or in an open space in your town.

Offer a variety of stations of prayer, e.g:

  • Have a pile of stones that people can place in the bowl of water as an act of confession, or of letting go of hurts and anxieties.
  • Have gummed paper strips available on which people can write prayers for peace and justice in the world and then link them together to form a chain.
  • Set up a 'Thanksgiving' board where people can pin up notes of things they wish to thank God for.
  • Use candles (safely!) as a focus for silent prayer.
  • Have Bible passages on pieces of card for people to reflect on and then take away.
  • Use music - either to create an atmosphere for the whole prayer space, or through headphones for individual contemplation.

Organize a labyrinth in a public place, such as a shopping mall, local park or school and encourage people to enter into a journey of prayer.

For inspiration about labyrinths visit or .


*Used with permission from our friends at The Methodist Church UK


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