Great Plains Daily Devotional for 11/30/2022: John 10:27

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Today's Lectionary Text

John 10:27 

My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. 

Today's Devotional

My favorite uncle has written a book! 

(The first part of that sentence is a longtime family joke: My father was an only child, and one of my mother’s two sisters married. Rev. Dr. Dale Doron is my only uncle; but would be my favorite anyway.) 

Dale and Aunt Nancy have been in God’s service for 60 years, including serving as missionaries in Iran and the Philippines. All five of their children and their spouses have been in ministry in one form or another. 

They were asked in 2008 to teach at Evangelical Theology Seminary in India, where they spent six to eight months a year pre-pandemic. Dale agreed to teach pastoral ministry and homiletics with one condition: that he be allowed to bring a baby sheep to class to “teach these pastors in the making how to shepherd their sheep-congregations.” He was inspired by memories of Iranian farm boys herding sheep, who knew exactly where they should be because of their training. 

Uncle Dale’s tales of Cevesh (Hebrew for sheep) amused and inspired the rest of his family on this side of the planet through weekly email updates. He’s expanded on those thoughts in “Trust the Shepherd: Lessons from a Little Lamb.”

In much of the book, he imagines conversations with Cevesh in parallel to our conversations with the Good Shepherd:

“I know you are my new owner and master and that my life will be better now than it was before, but I don’t understand very much about what this new life is all about,” the lamb says. “When you bought me, it cost me my original family. I’m only 3 months old, and I’ve really missed my mommy. I am very tempted to want to go back to my original family and live the way I used to live.” 

“The shepherd (me) responded: ‘When I first bought you, I took you to my home to get you used to what is now your new home, to see some of the good pasture places and to spend some time together to get to know each other a little bit. You laid in my lap for about 30 minutes and listened to me talking to you in soft tones. Of course, you didn’t understand what it meant.'” 

The Shepherd offers His sheep a better way of life, even though it means leaving the comfortable.  

Are we good sheep, or do we try to listen to someone other than the Shepherd? 

-- David Burke, communications content specialist 

Prayer for Reflection

Dear Lord, let us remember that our Shepherd always has our best interests at heart and knows what’s best for us even when we don’t realize it ourselves. Amen.  


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