Great Plains Daily Devotional for 1/28/23: Faith practices -- #pictureLent

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Faith practices -- #pictureLent

#pictureLent 2023 is a daily devotional through Lent that is created to help you and your family prepare your hearts and homes for Holy Week and Easter. This daily resource invites you to reflect on scripture with your eyes and hearts using Visio Divina (Latin for “divine seeing”). This is a method for praying with images or other media. Every day you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to:
  • View: 3-4 images
  • Read: Daily Scripture
  • Wonder: reflect on the questions (as an individual, family, or in community)
  • Pray
  • Respond: using the #pictureLent bingo​
In this wondering space you will experience the Holy Spirit as you open your hearts and homes to the beauty of this season.

Steps for picturing Lent:

Subscribe to #pictureLent at, Facebook, or Instagram
Starting on Feb. 22, move through the daily devotional playlist as you take time to view, read, wonder, pray, and respond. You might choose to do this as an individual, a family, or in community.
Find a way to respond:
  • Choose an activity from the #pictureLent bingo card
  • Capture and share your own pictures as you continue to reflect on the daily scripture and wondering questions.
  • Capture your family practicing #picture together and share it with us.
  • Post your pictures via social media (If/when posting pictures of minors make sure you have permission to use their photos) with #pictureLent
  • Follow #pictureLent and see how others around the world are connecting to God during this holy time.

Ways congregations can use #picture:

Subscribe! Share the subscription link so people get the email in their inbox
Opening Devotion: Use one of the devotionals as an opening to a meeting, small group, Bible study, etc.
Worship: Use the visio divina format as a prayer practice in worship during Lent
Youth Ministry: Share the devos with youth with a question as a text (or the format appropriate for your church)
Social Media: Use one of the photos from the social media kit with a wondering question on your social media

Discover more at this link from Discipleship Ministries.


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