Great Plains Daily Devotional for 1/29/2023: Matthew 5:1-2

Today please be in prayer for

Aldersgate UMC, Butte, Montana (Mountain Sky Conference)
Great West District
Rio Texas Conference
Great West District
Alliance UMC
Lakeside UMC
Great West District
Benkelman UMC
Stratton Community UMC
Great West District

God of all blessings, your beloved son teaches all we need to know to claim the life you’ve hoped for us. In spite of that, we live like the rest of the world that is eager to accumulate and reluctant to give, showering adoration on the rich and powerful and pushing the poor and powerless. And we bring to you our gifts, which are the result of your blessings, help us to remember who Jesus called truly blessed! We pray in the name of our teacher and savior. Amen. (Matthew 5:1-12)


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