Great Plains Daily Devotional for 4/29/2023: Faith practices -- Pray in different ways

Today please be in prayer for

Bellevue Aldersgate UMC
Omaha Lefler Memorial UMC
Missouri River District
Missouri River District
Blair First UMC
Missouri River District
Brock UMC
Johnson, NE UMC
Missouri River District

Faith practices -- Pray in different ways

Explore a variety of prayer practices to find options that your child most enjoys. As they grow, try new ones to meet their changing needs.

  • The Lord’s Prayer and the Doxology: Repetition is helpful for children. Saying the same prayer over and over is fine; in fact, it can bring familiarity and comfort.
  • Body prayer: Use movement to express a prayer.
  • Take a walk: Head outside to marvel at God’s creativity and give thanks for it.
  • Artistic prayer: Ask your child to draw what they’d like to say to God.


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