Great Plains Daily Devotional for 7/29/2023: Summer of Kindness -- Kindness can be hard

Today please be in prayer for

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Five Rivers District

Summer of Kindness -- Kindness can be hard


Click on this link to hear the story about The Widow of Zeraphath in 1 Kings 17:8-24. You can follow along in your Bible.


What surprises did you hear in the story?
How did the widow feel when Elijah asked for help?
Why did the widow trust Elijah?
How did Elijah’s kindness change the widow and her son?
What God is calling you to do next?


God -- the world is full of surprises. Some are exciting and others can be hard. Thank you for helpers who show kindness and care even when it is hard. Help me know how to help others when it feels difficult. Amen.


Make a Möbius Loop! Follow the steps here. It might be kind of hard, but don't give up -- you'll be surprised once you're finished!


Don't forget to fill in your Bingo Sheet after your Acts of Kindness!


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