Great Plains Daily Devotional for 9/2/2023: Instill faith in children -- Being present

Today please be in prayer for

Denton UMC-NE
Pleasant Dale UMC
Blue River District
Cortland United
Mediation Center
Blue River District
DeWitt UMC
Plymouth Peace UMC
Swanton UMC
Blue River District
Crete Grace UMC
Blue River District

Instilling faith in children -- Being present is a spiritual act

“Showing up, being there and listening to your child is the cornerstone of faith,” Brittany Sky McRay, project director of GenOn Ministries, says. She explains that numerous studies indicate the understanding of God, ourselves and the world comes down to five foundational relationships in a child’s life.

“Particularly the adults who love you when you are really small set you up for who God is,” she tells us.



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