Great Plains Daily Devotional for 9/9/2023: Instill faith in children -- Authenticity rules!

Today please be in prayer for

Malcolm UMC
Blue River District
Milford UMC
Blue River District
Cheney, NE UMC
Palmyra UMC
Blue River District
Seward UMC
Blue River District

Instilling Faith in Children -- Authenticity rules!

Admitting you don’t know the answer or that you messed up is OK.

“Being authentic is really key, because our kids see through the (façade),” explains Brittany Sky McRay, project director of GenOn Ministries. “I want to model what it means to be a believer, but we have to remind ourselves that life is hard and we are going to struggle.

“I have to give myself space to be a good enough person who my son will watch his whole life and internalize that being a good person means making decisions every day, saying, ‘I’m sorry’ when I mess up and trying again the next day.”

-- Discipleship Ministries



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