Great Plains Daily Devotional for 9/16/2023: Instilling Faith -- Be a faith storyteller

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Instilling Faith in Children -- Be a faith storyteller

Children love a good story, particularly when someone they love is the main character.

“Tell stories about when you were a child, what you thought about God, how you first came to your faith,” suggests Melinda Shunk, the Arkansas Conference’s children’s ministry coordinator.

Grandparents, especially, make excellent faith storytellers because they have the time and experiences to share those stories.

“Just like the Bible teaches us about God’s people from long ago, our faith stories from long ago are valuable to children,” Shunk suggests. “Being a faith storyteller makes faith come alive and weaves into your family’s faith story.”

Pro tip: “Save the stories about their parents as children for tweens,” Shunk says. “Those stories are going to be so valuable and so fun.”


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