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Today please be in prayer for

Today's Lectionary Text

Psalm 11
1 Kings 6:15-38
John 15:16-25

Today's Devotional

John 15:17

This is my command: Love each other.

I'm a big fan of personality tests.  Briggs-Meyers, Enneagram, name your favorite personality test and I've probably taken it.  I like the insights it gives me about myself, both strengths and weaknesses. I love it when I meet others who have taken the tests and we can reflect on our results and what they mean to us. 

I’ve taken these tests in the workplace, at church, and at home. It helps me to see situations and reactions in the context of a person’s personality type.   I want to develop a deeper understanding of the people around me, so I can interact with them with God’s grace and love.

For me this gets to the heart of Jesus' commandment.  He isn't telling me to love others when they do what I expect of them, or when they are the people I want them to be.  He wants me to love others.  Full stop. No exceptions. Just love.  

He has called on me to love my neighbor.  To show that love through grace and mercy I can give, just as that grace and mercy has been given to me.  It's never given because I deserve it, but because God is so full of love.

Where can you extend God's grace, mercy and love to the world today?


Dear heavenly Father, help us to be so full of love and grace for our brothers and sisters that we bear out your fruit, the fruit that will last, and that others will be inspired to grant mercy and grace on their brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, extending your love out to all.   

Lisa Soukup


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