Lay and Clergy Delegate Profiles

The 2019 conference agenda will include voting for lay and clergy delegates for the 2020 General Conference and South Central Jurisdictional Conference. General and Jurisdictional Conferences are held every four years and are important parts of being United Methodist.

  • What is General Conference? The General Conference is an international body of up to 1,000 delegates that normally meets every four years. Delegates represent all annual conferences around the world. Half of the delegates are laity (non-clergy members), half are clergy.
  • What happens at General Conference? During General Conference, delegates discuss and vote on petitions and resolutions proposed by individuals, agencies, annual conferences, and other groups within the denomination. These actions result in a revision of the Book of Discipline, the denomination's book of law, and Book of Resolutions, policies of the denomination on current social issues.
  • What is a Jurisdiction? A Jurisdiction is a collection of Annual Conferences that meets every four years to elect and assign bishops. The Great Plains Conference is a member of the South Central Jurisdiction, along with eleven other Conferences.
  • How do I get elected to be a member of the delegation? Clergy and lay members of annual conference can submit their names as persons interested in election to the Delegation. The process to do this is by submitting a profile. Additionally, names can be added at annual conference without prior submission of a profile through submission of write-in ballots.

Seven lay and clergy delegates will be selected for General Conference, and seven lay and clergy delegates will be selected for Jurisdictional Conference. There will be alternate lay and clergy members elected as well. Lay members will vote and select the lay delegates while clergy members will vote and select the clergy delegates. Profiles can be submitted through March 15, either by email or postal service. Postmark date will determine if a mailed submission meets the deadline.

If you are interested in submitting a profile, choose the appropriate profile form below:

  • Download and submit lay delegate profile.
  • Download and submit clergy delegate profile.

The document is a fillable pdf so you should be able to save it as you work on it, and then send as an attachment in an email to Lisa Soukup (

Lay and clergy profiles will be compiled and included in the pre-conference workbook made available for download or purchase in early May 2019. Profiles will also be posted on the Great Plains conference website.

View Frequently Asked Questions for election of the delegation.