Diversity and Advocacy

The mercy and justice team of the Great Plains Conference is charged with carrying out the responsibilities of several committees mandated by the General Conference and The United Methodist Book of Discipline to monitor diversity and inclusiveness in the church.

General Commission on Status and Role of Women (GCSRW):

This commission's mission is to challenge The United Methodist Church at all levels to work for full and equal participation of women in the total life of the denomination, including ordination of women, equal access to policy-making and recognition that Jesus Christ calls men and women alike to salvation, liberation, discipleship and service in church and society. GCSRW helps the church to be a more reliable and trustworthy agent of the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ so that we recognize every person as a "full and equal part of God's human family." (The United Methodist Book of Discipline). Learn more about GCSRW on their website.

General Commission on Religion and Race:

United Methodists believe that God's vision is for a fully-inclusive Church that is accountable for and proactive in addressing all forms of racial/ethnic oppression and where all members strive, as disciples of Jesus Christ, to build God's beloved community. GCORR is relationships. Thus, our mission is to empower people and transform institutions to create inclusive, multicultural relationships and ministries. GCORR is leading the church and its members to LIVE CORR{ageously}! Read more about this commission's work.

Affirmative Action - #3373, 2008 Book of Resolutions:

The United Methodist Church long has been committed to the principle of social inclusiveness. That is, in keeping with the spirit of the gospel, we affirm that all persons — whatever their racial or ethnic identity, whatever their gender or national origin, whatever their physical state or condition — are full-fledged members of the human community with every one of the rights and privileges that such membership entails. The implementation of "affirmative action" reflects a shared understanding that diversity is a positive outcome of social inclusion that yields benefits for the entire community. 

Visit the General Board of Church and Society website for more information.