Doing Justice Initiative

The Doing Justice Initiative (DJI) is a partnership between the Great Plains Conference and two national experts in community change.

Direct Action & Research Training Center

Western Organization of Resource Councils

With $2.1 million in seed money from the Great Plains Conference, DART and WORC have committed from 2020 to 2026 to build a network of non-profit justice organizations across Nebraska and Kansas for United Methodists to join in both our cities and rural areas. These organizations will provide a vehicle for our congregations to work for solutions to complex local needs.


New Organizations Founded through the DJI

Good Faith Network
Johnson County, KS

Founded 2021

Churches United for Justice
Wyandotte County, KS
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Founded 2021

Doing Justice in Lincoln
Lancaster County, NE

Launch Fall 2022
Sedgwick County, KS Launch Fall 2023
 Norfolk, NE Launch 2022


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