Equitable Comp Guidelines & Application

Equitable Compensation Fund Guidelines

The Equitable Compensation/Minimum Salary fund is to provide assistance for the pastoral support of charges that are temporarily unable to fulfill their financial obligations. This assistance is provided by the conference upon application, recommendation of the district superintendent and approval of the Personnel Committee. No charge will be eligible for funds for more than three years unless missional circumstances warrant two additional years.

  1. The charge receiving equitable compensation funds is responsible for:
    • Conducting a vigorous and conscientious stewardship effort;
    • Supporting conference Mission Shares and Mission Agency Support in full;
    • Using United Methodist curriculum in its Christian education program.
    • Providing all pastoral compensation and reimbursements as required beyond base compensation.
  2. The charge's district superintendent is responsible for initiating the application for Equitable Compensation funds. The superintendent also will initiate a consultation regarding the mission and sustainability of the charge. The superintendent will update the appointive cabinet on the process as needed.
  3. The Personnel Committee will establish guidelines for the application, approval and payment of equitable compensation funds in consultation with the cabinet and conference treasurer. The Administrative Services office will also keep a history of the funds provided to each local church and charge.

The Equitable Compensation Policies are located in Section 5 of the Plan of Organization.

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