Establishing Mission Relationships

The General Board of Global Ministries offers many opportunities for individuals and churches to become involved in mission work.

Through the board's various missionary programs, today's missionaries are serving at home and abroad, in schools and colleges, churches, clinics and community centers. They can be found in Shalom Zones, social welfare agencies, peace with justice ministries, rural and urban settings, ecumenical programs, shelters for the abused and ministries with women, children, youth and families. 

For individuals interested in serving as missionaries through the General Board of Global Ministries, the board offers the following forms in .pdf format:

Local churches can become involved by directly supporting a missionary through either the Global Mission Partner Church program or the Covenant Relationship program.

 Global Mission Partner Churches
Global Mission Partner Congregations are a special designation for support of the Advance for Christ and His Church. There are six steps to becoming a Global Mission Partner Congregation: 

  1. Pay 100 percent of apportionments for the annual conference, jurisdiction and general church.
  2. Have an ongoing program of mission education. 
  3. Serve your local community through outreach. 
  4. Pledge support for a missionary commissioned by the General Board of Global Ministries (covenant relationship). 
  5. Pledge support for an international person-in-mission sent by a partner church in another country.
  6. Share your experience with two neighboring congregations.

Download Part One and Part Two of the Global Mission Partner Acceptance form.

Covenant Relationship Program

United Methodist Churches may become covenant partners with a missionary through the General Board of Global Ministries Advance for Christ and His Church. To become a covenant partner, the church must:

  1. Seek a challenging but realistic annual financial goal for an Advance pledge.
  2. Give first consideration to missionaries supported and promoted by the annual conference or jurisdiction.
  3. Contact your conference or district secretary of global ministries, jurisdictional Advance field representative or the Advance Office of the General Board of Global Ministries. They will be able to suggest missionaries who need financial support.
  4. When you receive the recommendations and make a decision, report your selection to the General Board as soon as possible, preferably through your conference secretary of global ministries. The General Board will then confirm the commitment and inform the missionary. The Advance pledge takes effect on the date you indicate and continues according to your directions.
  5. Funds are to be sent through your conference treasurer, clearly designated for the compensation of the missionary with their code number. Gifts may be sent quarterly, semi-annually or annually. 
  6. Churches participating in the advance program for mission personnel will be notified when a visit can be considered. 
    For specific information, go to the General Board of Global Ministries covenant relationship program web page. 

Download the GBGM Covenant Relationship form.