RETHINK CHURCH - What if church was a verb?

What if we re-think church?  Not in terms of what it is but what it could be.  Discover new, exciting ways to be inviting and welcoming, to assist people in applying faith to daily life, and to provide some ideas to nurture and equip people to become spiritual leaders. Is your desire to…reach out to people who do not know about the grace and love of Jesus Christ? Get ideas at www.rethinkchurch.org.   


EVANGELISM - Evangelism involves several key actions:  telling the Good News, announcing the kingdom (reign) of God, and bearing witness.  Great resources, including a regular e-newsletter, are available at the Evangelism page of the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) Web site.  Receive the GBOD e-news by scrolling down the page to the connect feature.

THE FOUNDATION FOR EVANGELISM - Use this link to learn more about the foundation's work and to sign up for the e-news

Each year this foundation works with annual conferences to offer the Denman Evangelism Award to three recipients:  one clergy, one laity, and one youth.  This is a meaningful way to honor and thank people who demonstrate evangelistic passion to reach others for Christ.  Awards are presented at Annual Conference sessions.  Access a nomination form to submit nominees no later than March 25. 

Also the foundation accepts nominations for the Culture of the Call Church Award.  New in 2010, the award's purpose is to recognize one local United Methodist congregation each year for having young people 35 or younger respond to God's call to full-time Christian service as a result of participation in the life of the church.  This award highlights churches that are raising leaders with an evangelistic passion.  Access a nomination form to submit no later than April 1.


The following is an excerpt from Bishop Scott J. Jones presentation,"20 Components of  Evangelism."

"God is a missionary God. God created the world and has not given up on it. God decided to use the Church to accomplish God’s mission. The Christian Church is a missionary organization.

As an integral part of its mission to praise, worship and serve God, a congregation should be a channel of God’s love for the world, thereby loving God and neighbor in ways that are perceptible both to those inside and those outside the congregation. Genuine love is evangelistic. Genuine evangelism is loving. How does one create an evangelistically effective congregation?"

To continue reading this presentation by Bishop Scott J. Jones, click on the links below.

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