Even Pastors


Jesus Refreshed!
In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus went on Spiritual retreat 9 times in his 3-year ministry, either by himself or with his disciples. Retreat refreshed him and fueled his ministry!










What about you?

Is it time to Refresh?


Join fellow clergy on a two-day retreat led by the Rev. Anne Gatobu and the Rev. Alice Koech, co-founders of Flourishing Springs, and crafted with you in mind. You will have an opportunity to self-assess the specific area you may need to refresh in your life and have the opportunity to network, connect with a coach, a spiritual director or a counselor who will all be on site. 

Dates: March 15 – 16, 2018 (noon to noon)
Where: Manna House, 323 E 5th, Concordia, Kansas
Cost: $60 (covers lodging, three meals, and a one-on-one consultation)


Space is limited so don’t miss out. Register now. If you have questions, please call or email the Rev. Nancy Lambert at 402-464-5994 or nlambert@greatplainsumc.org.