The person requesting transfer will need to complete a psychological assessment and credentialing background check (different from Safe Gatherings). Due to the length of time required for the background check and psychological assessment, it is required that they be started in the year prior to the planned transfer request.

A list of other paperwork requirements for provisional membership is included in the DCOOM Handbook available at www.greatplainsumc.orggreatplainsboomforms. These requirements include the requirements listed in ¶324 plus additional Great Plains specific requirements.

Following completion of the provisional membership paperwork by a deadline set by the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOOM), the candidate will complete an interview with the DCOOM (usually November-December). If approved/recommended by the DCOOM, the candidate will then interview with the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOOM) in late January/early February using the same paperwork submitted to the DCOOM. If approved/recommended by the BOOM, there will be a vote of the clergy session prior to commissioning at Annual Conference.