Fast Facts

The Great Plains Conference was formed in 2014 by combining the former Kansas East, Kansas West and Nebraska United Methodist conferences.

Together, the new conference has 17 districts, 1,035 local congregations, 220,000 lay people and nearly 800 active elders, deacons, associate members and local pastors.

The Great Plains United Methodist Conference uses the United Methodist cross and flame logo with the words "Great Plains United Methodists" to demonstrate a new focus on the people of Kansas and Nebraska who the conference serves.

The United Methodist Church is divided into five jurisdictions nationally. The Great Plains Conference is in the South Central Jurisdiction.

There are 10 episcopal areas and 16 annual conferences in the South Central Jurisdiction. The Great Plains Conference is the Great Plains Area. It was created Sept. 1, 2012.

Bishop Scott J. Jones was named bishop of the Great Plains Area on July 19, 2012. Jones was elected bishop in 2004 and served the Kansas Area from 2004 to 2012.

The main office for the Great Plains Area is located at 9440 E Boston St., Wichita KS 67207.