Finance Fridays

On Fridays during the COVID-19 pandemic, Administrative Services staff and guests addressed topics of interest surrounding financial concerns for churches. 

May 22 — PPP Forgiveness and Public Policy Lessons

Scott Brewer looks at the new forgiveness guidelines for the Paycheck Protection Program and some of what we’ve learned in our collective experience with the PPP. VIEWER WARNING: This episode contains armchair wonkery and images from Jack Chick tracts.

May 15 — Pastoral Care, Privacy and the Pandemic

How has COVID-19 changed pastoral care responsibilities and ethics? How do churches best balance public health with personal privacy? Why won’t you hear any hymns in Germany? Also: We thoughtfully ruminate upon what we’ve learned in the past two months and the deliciousness of the Wendy’s Frosty and take a look at new developments in the PPP and church liability protections.


May 8 — Scenario Planning

Scott Brewer, conference treasurer and director of administrative services, talks about some of the basics of scenario planning and some questions churches should consider as they build strategies and budgets for 2021 and beyond.  Also, more PPP madness and exciting charts on emerging trends in handwashing!

May 1 — Insuring Churches During the Pandemic

The conference’s insurance broker, Sue Courtney, joins Scott Brewer to discuss local church insurance and managing liability during the pandemic, plus yet another PPP update and “fun” charts from the New York Times.

April 24 — What Lifting Social Distancing May Look Like for Churches

As controversy continues to swirl around when to lift restrictions on social distancing, Scott Brewer takes a look at what lifting those restrictions might look like and some factors pastors and other church leaders should consider when making decisions on in-person worship. Also, we answer two of these three questions: How do I get the full amount of my PPP loan forgiven? How are churches and Netflix faring on Google? What’s the deal with Tiger King?

April 17 — Reserves and Generous Giving

The Rev. Dustin Petz, president and CEO of the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation (now the Kansas Methodist Foundation) shares insights on use of available reserves and encouraging generous giving during the coronavirus pandemic. This meeting was hacked briefly, but that portion has been removed from this video.

April 3 — Mission Shares and PPP

Scott Brewer, conference treasurer and director of administrative services, shares information about the decision to place a temporary moratorium on mission share payments from local churches. He also gives details regarding the federal government's Paycheck Protection Program.