Five-Day Academy

Five-Day Academy, sponsored by Upper Room Ministries, provides opportunities for participants to to grow spiritually and to connect with others who are following Christ amid the tranquility of retreat centers across the United States, including the Saint Benedict Center in Schuyler, Nebraska.

Each academy features days that start and end with prayer, presentations by trained guest faculty members, worship that includes communion, discussion groups and time for reflection. And, of course, there is the tranquility that comes with a beautiful setting and times of silence spread throughout the day.

Many Five-Day Academy participants choose to come back. Each day is scheduled to ensure participants have time for inspired learning and internal reflection. Each day begins with prayer, followed by a presentation by one of two guest instructors. A typical schedule includes the morning presentation, followed by the group entering into an hour of silence for prayer and reflection on the lesson. They then gather for about 30 minutes of discussion.

After lunch, the second presenter shares his or her lesson, followed again by the time of silence and then discussion.

In the evening, participants break into groups of six to seven people in what are known as talking circles or covenant groups to share their experiences with others.

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