UMW Forms

 NOTE: If you want to fill out any pdf form, you may download the form from our website and using Adobe Reader (a free downloadable pdf reader) you can open the pdf, click on Fill & Sign, enter the information requested on the form and save it. It will be saved as a pdf which can be attached to an email. That way you will have a copy of the form as well as the one to submit via email.

2020 Mission Do Form - For activity during 2020, due January 15, 2021

2020 Mission DO Form

2019 Mission DO Resources

Unit Membership Census Report - Due March 30, 2021

Go to National United Methodist Women site and click on Census 2020 box

Census Form Link:

Unit Reading Program Report

This report is due at the end of each year and should be sent to your respective district's secretary of Program Resources.

Unit Reading Program Report

Great Plains UMW Expenses and Reimbursement

Send your completed Expense Voucher to GP Treasurer, Barbara Smith, 14 Mohave Dr, Lake Winnebago, MO 64034.  If you are able to have Karen Dunlap or Pat McGill review and sign them first, please do so. Note that only ONE signature is now required under the recently amended policies and procedures.

2020 Great Plains Expense and Travel Voucher (PDF)

Prospective Conference Leader/Officer Form

We are trying to update our list of potential officers and obtain a current record of the term and tenure of all those who have served in our 3 legacy conferences (NE, KS East, and KS West). If you have an interest in being part of our mission team, or have in mind someone at the local or district level who would be a good fit, please complete this prospective leader form and send it to Peggy Walters, Conference Committee on Nominations Chair.

Great Plains UMW Directory Information Collection

To collect information from your district for the Great Plains UMW Directory please use the spreadsheet provided.  Completed spreadsheets should be submitted to the Conference Communications Coordinator, Pat McGill,  by December 31, 2021.

Great Plains UMW Directory Information Collection Spreadsheet