Fresh Expressions









“It isn’t another program — it’s creative ways in ordinary places of life inviting the movement of the Holy Spirit.”


What is a Fresh Expression?

A fresh expression is a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet part of any church. Read more.

Check out this book from United Methodist Bishop Ken Carter and Audrey Warren for a United Methodist view of Fresh Expressions movement.

  • Use as a book study, illustrations for worship series, learning with your ministry teams, small groups and/or network gatherings.




Looking for a quick read and resource on Fresh Expressions? Check out Fresh Expressions US Missions Strategist, Travis Collins,’ simple guide for impactful ministry. Order one here.

Or, request books from the Great Plains Resource Center.



Fresh Expressions with Mitch Marcello from Great Plains UMC on Vimeo.

Here's a sample of a sermon series on Fresh Expressions.

Thinking of who would start a Fresh Expression? Try out the Pioneer Game here.



Apply for a Fresh Expressions Grant

Have an idea for a Fresh Expression Initiative? Apply for a Fresh Expressions grant here!

To apply for a Fresh Expressions Initiative grant, here is what the grantors look for:

  1. Place – Are you reaching new people?
  2. Reach – Who are you reaching?
  3. Leadership – Is it a team initiative or clergy-lay partnership?



What qualifies as a Fresh Expression?

Fresh Expressions are not:
  • Temporary, annual, bi-annual, quarterly ‘event’
  • Tweak of the present form of the church’s Sunday service
  • An arm of a present church’s outreach ministries
Fresh Expressions are:
  • Gathered around the resurrected Christ
  • Primarily for those who are not likely to engage with an established church
  • An on-going community
  • Attentive to a subculture or particular population group
  • Outside the traditions and outside the walls of established churches
  • Contextualized
  • Smaller-scale than what we tend to think of a traditional church
  • Adaptable and flexible



Further Resources

Inspired to reach out to a community near you? Check out these resources to get you equipped for the experience. Fill out the request form and we will send them or connect the resource to you. 

  • Vision Day Recording
  • Roundtable Recording
  • Michael Beck workshop recording – “United Methodist Submitting to be More Vile”
  • Advanced Laity Servant Ministries course
  • Pioneer Learning Communities
  • Find videos, websites and terminology on our Fresh Expressions Resources page

To request a video recording, speaker, coaching for your network, church, team, or as an individual, fill out the link the link here.

If your district wants the following resources, indicate that, as well.

  • Great Plains Online Coaching Cohort – free for leaders (clergy and lay) interested in getting coaching from Fresh Expressions US
  • Dinner Church Encounter – focus on launching dinner churches and initial steps of evangelistic effort
  • Large Church Leadership Workshop – focus on church strategy and discipleship pathway
  • Fresh Expressions Strategy Workshop – focus on a team developing District Strategy MAP with Fresh Expressions
  • Vision Day – focus on offering this introduction to Fresh Expressions again per district request


Visit the Fresh Expressions website.