General Conference 2019 Day 2

Feb. 24,  2019 — Report on a Way Forward and Prioritization

Delegates started the day hearing a sermon from Bishop Ken Carter (link below) and heard a full report from the Commission on a Way Forward. The delegates then voted on 24 petitions or packages of petitions, which resulted in Wespath pension legislation and the Traditional Plan landing in the top two spots. The body addressed Wespath's legislation and will take up the Traditional Plan as part of their committee work on Monday morning.

Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. talks about the second day of the special session of General Conference. He explains the Traditional Plan finishing atop the other plans in terms of prioritization of legislation and provides a brief pastoral message leading into the final few days of General Conference.

Todd Seifert, conference communications director, interviewed Thomas Kemper, general secretary of the General Board of Global Ministries, to talk about the global reach of the church and the unique opportunities and challenges that creates, particularly on the subject of human sexuality.


Great Plains clergy, laity make their way to General Conference in St. LouisSome of those who trekked from the Great Plains Conference to St. Louis are there to support clergy and laity. Others want to be in the room where and when history might happen for United Methodists. Dozens of pastors, including district superintendents and conference staff members, are in The Dome at America’s Center. A Great Plains coalition, including alternate delegates, takes up much of one section of the arena.

In Layman's Terms: Quick change of atmosphereIn his blog, Todd Seifert, communications director, shares some thoughts about the vote that showed the Traditional Plan had a higher priority for delegates than the One Church Plan. 


From United Methodist News Service