General Conference 2019 Day 3

Feb. 25 — Legislative Committee action

Delegates spent the day Monday as a legislative committee considering the 24 petitions or bundles of petitions that had been prioritized Sunday. The Traditional Plan was passed to the plenary session scheduled for Tuesday. More legislation is still being considered throughout the afternoon.

Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. describes the third day of the special session of General Conference and shares some praise for the work of the Great Plains Conference delegation.

The Rev. Adam Hamilton talks with David Burke about the continuing effort to ensure everyone feels welcome in the church.

The Rev. Mark Holland talks with David Burke about what is next for Mainstream UMC, a group he helped found.

Dixie Brewster, a lay delegate, talks with David Burke about the emotions that people on both sides felt after a difficult day of committee work.

The Rev. Cheryl Jefferson Bell talks with David Burke about her passionate floor speech. Watch Cheryl's speech.

Shayla Jordan, a lay delegate, talks with David Burke about the possible impact of the General Conference on young adults.

Great Plains delegation down after One Church Plan loses vote: The defeat of the One Church Plan by a margin of 53-47 percent on Monday left the Great Plains delegation -- many of whom had been involved nationally in support of a more centrist movement -- deflated but looking ahead to 2020.

KU Wesley students intently watching special session: Among the many people in St. Louis to observe the special session of General Conference are members of the KU Wesley campus ministry. The group arrived Friday morning and prayed over every chair on the floor, as well as the bishop’s seats, the altar and communion table.

Resurrection staffer on center stage with special session praise band: Rev. Ashley Morgan Kirk joined an established praise team from Brooklyn for worship in the special session of General Conference. Read about how she ended up on stage for a unique experience.

In Layman's Terms: Some poignant moments on a difficult day: In his blog, Todd Seifert, communications director, reflects on what was an emotional day, the chances for a resurrection of the One Church Plan, and poignant moments from the Great Plains delegation.

From United Methodist News Service