General Advance & Special Sundays

The AdvanceUnited Methodists support many other ministries, missions and projects around the world, including disaster relief in Florida and Southeast Asia, missionaries in the Philippines and Africa, and a seminary in Russia. United Methodists support more than 2,000 mission projects in more than 100 countries around the world.

Below is a list of some common General Church Advances. You can search for other projects online here.

  Africa University #3021028
  CCIP – Zimbabwe #15120N
  Church World Service (CROP Hunger Walk - Projects) #982380
  Church World Service - (Blankets)        #982810
  Haiti (Sustainable integrated community development in Haiti)    #3021657
  Haiti (Christian education and evangelism in Haiti) #3021658
  Haiti (Haiti health program) #3021648
  Haiti (Combating hunger by rebuilding rural Haitian families) #418002
  Heifer Project International #982418
  Heifer International #982532
  Imagine No Malaria #3021190
  Jalingo (Nigeria) UMC Orphanage #3021070
  Lydia Patterson Institute #531523
  McCurdy School #581479
  Nothing But Nets #982015
  Redbird Medical Center #773724
  Redbird Mission #773978
  Redbird School #773728
  Stove Builders of Guatemala #3022040
  The Big Garden #3021107
  UM Global AIDS Fund #982345

General Advances with Great Plains Emphasis

To learn more about United Methodist mission projects around the globe, visit the Advance for Christ and His Church website or search for specific projects.

Special Sundays

The General Conference has approved six church-wide Special Sundays with offerings. Get more information about each of the offerings online.

Order resources for observing any of the six General Church Special Offerings on the UMC Giving website.