Grants Available

Providing financial resources for what God is calling you to do


Network Grants

These are grants available in the line items of the Congregational Excellence budgets and sent to District Strategy Team for communications.


Fresh Expressions Grants — $500

Overseen by Vital Congregations Team and approved by the District Strategy Team. Each district has monies available to add to the mini-grants to help fully develop the fresh expression.


Serving with Others — $1000-$6000

Includes Education Partnership, Mission Engagement, Social Justice and LGBTQIA+ Missional Leaders Education Partnership to churches to help with direct expenses for jump-starting a sustainable partnership in support of a local public school(s). Social justice seed money grants are available to local churches within networks for outreach ministries focusing on root causes of injustices and the underlying reasons of why people are in need and working toward structural changes. Mission Engagement Grants for domestic and foreign missions to local churches within networks. Priority is given to teams who engage in mission in ways that lead to self-sustaining solutions among the locals. LGBTQIA+ Missional Leaders provides seed money for training, ministry, idea or experience to help LGBTQIA+ persons take the next step in missional leadership.


Community College Grants — $500-$1000

Offering seed money to churches and networks who want to reach out to community colleges or colleges in your area. Explore ministry on campus through your local churches.


Urban Ministry Grant

The Urban Ministry grant funding are provided from the sale proceeds of properties abandoned by discontinued congregations in counties with more than 50,000 in population. Urban Ministry Grant Funds assist districts to: 1) Start new faith communities in urban areas, 2) develop ministries with the poor that evangelize, advocate for justice and work toward changing the community for the sake of the welfare of the people and 3) develop effective and sustainable ministries with existing residents or newcomers a site in an urban area with grows different from the original members. The dollar range of grants is up to $120,000 per project over a four-year period.


Youth Service Fund

The Conference Council on Youth Ministries (CCYM) of the Great Plains Conference of The United Methodist Church is blessed to be able to administer the Youth Service Fund (YSF). YSF is money that is raised by youth to support projects led by youth.

Youth Worker Training Grants

Grants are available to help youth leaders in the Great Plains Conference take advantage of these opportunities to become better equipped to reach youth in their congregations and communities.


Ethnic Ministries Grant and New Church Development

Starting a new community with new people for the sake of making disciples for Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.



Culture of Call Grants

The Culture of Call grant was designed to provide churches, campus ministries, and United Methodist organizations in the Great Plains UMC with resources to fuel their imaginations in creating opportunities to cultivate a Culture of Call. Grants will be awarded in the range of $500 - $2,000. Early deadline to apply is March 1, late deadline is Sept. 15.


Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation Grants


Nebraska United Methodist Foundation Grants