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How Can I Learn to Lead Like Jesus?

Lay and Pastor leaders in your District or area of contact are cordially invited to a rare leadership training opportunity in our Great Plains area. The course is called “Lead Like Jesus” and includes a book by the same name. To keep the registration fee for the 10-hour course at only $50, the Great Plains United Methodist Men are underwriting much of the course cost, including the travel expenses for the keynote presenter, who is Jim Boesch. Mr. Boesch is a retired corporate trainer who is now with the Deployed Staff of the UMMMen General Commission. A detailed flyer about the course, including on-line registration, is available at the Lead Like Jesus link at: A reduced local hotel rate is also available.

Advanced Lay Servant class andCEU’s are approved.

The course is for both women and men who wish to learn more about the leadership traits of our Lord and Savior- traits which can very much apply to our personal, community and professional lives. Course hours are Friday, August 16 from 7-9:30pm, and Saturday, August 17 from 8:30am-4pm, in McPherson, Kansas. Questions can be directed to Craig Nordaker at (402) 453-6666 or George Houle at (316) 573-8359.

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