Health Insurance & Grants

Health Insurance

Great Plains Conference moved in 2015 to have clergy go to the health insurance exchange for medical insurance.

In 2019 all three-quarter and full-time clergy serving a church that did not sponsor a health plan received an extra $15,850.

Since 2020, after a vote by Annual Conference, churches with three-quarter and full-time clergy must either pay the $15,850 (if not providing a church sponsored health plan) or provide them with a health plan (in which case the $15,850 may be reduced accordingly).

Health Grant

In 2019, the Great Plains Conference established an emergency health grant to active clergy serving local churches at three-quarters to full-time who are eligible for the health allowance. This grant, not to exceed $15,000 is provided to pay premiums for qualifying Affordable Health Care (ACA) – compliant bronze-level health insurance plans that cost more than $15,850 for the year.

Download Application for Emergency Health Grant.

Download W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

Clergy Health Insurance Information

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