Idea Bank

"Be Our Guest" Sunday

We had a "Be Our Guest" Sunday the end of August for a kick-off for fall.

"Care" packages for USS Thach

Packages with snacks, personal hygiene items, etc... were prepared by the youth group for the soldiers. Also included in the package were personal letters from the youth, and magnets telling the soldiers that the youth group is praying for them.

12 Days of Christmas

Program for bereaved families provides 12 days of hope and anticipation with small gifts reminding them that people are thinking of them and caring for them during the difficult holiday season.

Ads on Local Cable Stations

Ads with worship times for Advent and Lent were run for six weeks on local cable channels. Pictures of the church were also ran along with the ads. Ads could also be run for Christmas and Easter services.

Advent Book of Devotions

Church members wrote devotions for Advent that were collected and put in a booklet.

All Saints Day Banner

Church members created an "All Saints Day" banner to remember members of the church who had passed away during the year.

An idea so good it was Ba-a-a-a-d

Branching off the idea of Pink Flamingo "flocking", the youth group used a live goat. People could pay $10 to have the goat removed from their yard, $20 to send it to someone else's yard, and $50 for a guarantee that the goat would never return - even if someone paid to send it to them again.

Auburn First UMC's Bucket Brigade a new way of doing VBS

In 2010, the Auburn First UMC's Vacation Bible school was set to go. Teachers, leaders, youth help, space and curriculum were all ready. Two years earlier, the same formula netted more than 40 children for the event. Last year, the number of children was about a quarter of that. Last year, however, the event conflicted with city league swimming, softball and baseball. The leadership team wondered what to do. And the Bucket Brigade was born.

Because We Care

A "Because We Care" Sunday is conducted twice a year. An offering is collected, and the Sunday is advertised in advance so that members are aware of it.

Beginning of School Luncheon

A beginning of the school year luncheon to welcome back all teachers and school personnel.

Birthday Bash

A covered dish congregational birthday dinner .

Bloomfield UMC Sunday school completes third Christmas mission project

For the past three years the Sunday school students of Bloomfield Christ Memorial UMC have completed a Christmas mission project. Each project has helped them to understand how Christmas can be a time to be “in mission” by shifting their focus off of presents under the tree and onto ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus by helping children and families in some of the poorest countries in the world ...

Bring a Friend Sunday

Trinity UMC in Lindsborg tried out Bring a Friend Sunday, a program designed to help congregations be intentional about inviting friends to church with them. The congregation learned a lot about itself and about hospitality through participating in this process.

Building Relationships Between Church

Two congregations participated in a "pulpit exchange".

Care Day

One day a month is designated for Lay visits in teams of two, to homebound and nursing home residents.

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