Contact: Rhonda Surface

Phone: (402) 373-4281

On Sunday, November 21, 2010, the Bloomfield Christ Memorial United Methodist Church Sunday School students made a presentation during church to kick off their Christmas Mission Project to collect money for Heifer International. Heifer International first began in 1944 when a farmer and church leader named Dan West asked for support from his congregation to donate heifers to families in need. Heifer International has since grown into a world-wide, non-profit, humanitarian organization that currently provides 24 kinds of livestock, as well as trees, seeds and training in environmentally sound agriculture to families in more than 50 countries, including the United States. Recipients agree to share one or more of their animal’s offspring with others in need in what Heifer International calls “Passing on the Gift.”

Each Sunday through December 19, 2010, the Sunday school children spoke to the congregation about the different kinds of animals and other items that can be given through Heifer International to families throughout the world. The children also prayed with the congregation asking God for his blessings on these families and that the gifts would be a life-changing source of nutrition, income and hope.

After all donations were counted, the final amount collected for the 2010 Christmas Mission Project came to $1,780.46. It was decided by the Sunday school children to purchase the following animals and items from the Heifer International Gift Catalog:

  • 1 heifer for $500
  • 2 water buffalos for $250 each
  • 1 llama for $150
  • 1 goat for $120
  • 1 sheep for $120
  • 1 pig for $120
  • 1 trio of rabbits for $60
  • 1 flock of chicks for $20
  • Tree seedlings for $60
  • Honeybees for $30

$100 of the money collected was also sent to World Vision to purchase water purification tablets because the students remembered discussing the importance of clean water and how the simple-to-use water purification tablets can help to stop the spread of deadly diseases. Heifer International does not offer water purification tablets so it was decided to purchase them through World Vision.

This was the third year that the Sunday school students completed a Christmas mission project and each project has helped them to understand how Christmas can be a time to be “in mission” by shifting their focus off of presents under the tree and onto ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus by helping children and families in some of the poorest countries in the world.